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Home Care for over 65's

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Whether you are looking for specific services, or are just interested in finding out what's available, we are waiting to hear from you.

A holistic approach to care

No matter your life-stage or condition, it's always the right time to set goals to live the best life you can. Hope Holistic Care wants to join with you to make this happen.

If or when you need it, we can arrange to provide services at your home, such as domestic maintenance and personal care, transport to shops or leisure activities. We also coordinate health and wellbeing services such as physiotherapy and counselling. 

Hope Holistic Care will tailor programs to your individual needs. We will monitor and review your plans to keep services relevant and appropriate.

Care at home


Get community support


We want to connect you with others who can share the ageing experience with you or your loves one.

Let us work out how we can support you to live the best life you can as you age.

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