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Volunteer to give hope

Make a difference to the lives of older people


Partner with Us

Volunteers complement the work of care and pastoral staff in delivering holistic care by ensuring older people remain socially supported and engaged through meaningful companionship. Work that volunteers undertake includes home visitation, participating in outdoor activities or assisting in running social programs at a community centre.


How it works

Because of the work we do, we have a stringent process for recruiting volunteers.

  1. We run an introductory training series on how to build relationships with older people.

  2. After the course, we conduct an interview to ensure your values align with HHC’s

  3. Once registered, we provide further training in the role you are volunteering in

  4. For face to face roles, we will match volunteers and older people based on location, personalities and availability.

Financial Support

If you wish to partner with us financially, you are also welcome to do so.

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