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Care at home

Supporting you at home

Home care packages


Self funded services


Getting some extra help

For those who are looking to privately pay for help around the house, an overnight carer or transport to an appointment, we have trained staff who provide professional services with a personal touch.

Services we can provide include:

  • Domestic assistance

  • Personal care

  • Meals

  • Clinical care

  • Transport

  • Overnight respite

Get Government support to stay well at home

Did you know that you may be eligible to receive funding for various services to stay at home?
Even if you find that you have to contribute a significant amount for care, there is a lifetime limit, after which you will not be asked to pay anymore?
If you need help with registering with MyAgedCare, please get in touch with us.
If you have already been granted a Home Care Package, contact us to arrange for services to be delivered to you as soon as possible.


A companion to connect with

Sometimes all you need is someone to drop by to say hello, call in to see that you are okay, or even occasionally go out to meet to feel connected. Hope Holistic Care is keen on social support to prevent isolation. That’s why we have trained volunteers who want to make friends with older people. Whether it be your home or going outside, we would love to keep in contact with you and minimise risks of social isolation.
Volunteer Group

In the Community

Older people meeting together

Hope Holistic Care is partnering with Chinese churches in Sydney to organise social groups. We hope to help older people get together, share stories and experiences as a way to remain socially connected.

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