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Introduction to My Aged Care - Q & A

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

On 27 October at 7:30pm, the Home Care Team produced ran the introduction to My Aged Care webinar for volunteers and the Board. It was conducted in Cantonese with a view to run this publicly for prospective clients and their representatives in the future. The webinar offered a platform for questions from participants.

About My Aged Care

Q: Would access to nursing homes require going through My Aged Care?

A: Yes, all Government funded aged care services are accessed through registration for My Aged Care

Q: Is it possible to get ring up My Aged Care to get an Aged Care Number if you don’t have any need for it at this point in time?

A: a.Yes, as long as you are over 65, you can simply call up and request for a number for future use.

b. You can also reflect on things that you may occassionally like assistance with, for example, cleaning, meals or someone to take you to an appointment, then ask for access to these services.

Q: Which way is better, to apply for My Aged Care online or to ring them?

A: a. Generally, if you can speak English well and are able to articulate your needs, you can give them a call straight away.

b. It is good to be prepared and know what information they will need from you to make an effective assessment. Going through the online process for registration may be helpful. Once you submit your information, they will contact you to continue the process.

Q: How can a GP make a referral for me?

A: a. A GP can make a referral via your electronic medical record, by completing an online form or faxing a referral. More information is available here.

b. A GP referral is an efficient and effective way to get My Aged Care assessments done, as they understand your needs and are able to communicate it to My Aged Care effectively.


Q: Are nursing home costs supported by the Government?

A: Yes, the Government funds most or some of the costs depending on your capacity to pay. This is assessed by measuring the value of your assets and how much income you earn. For example, as a full pensioner, you will pay 84% of your pension towards nursing home fees. The Government will pay the rest.

Q: For Home Care fees, do you pay per month or per year?

A: If you are required to contribute to the fee, then you will need to pay per fortnight. Otherwise, the Government allocates funds on a monthly basis for paying for services you receive. The service provider will claim against these funds for the services they provide to you.

Q: For the admin fee and case management fee, do they need to be paid upfront?

A: No, these fees prorated and are deducted on a monthly basis from the package itself. No extra expenditure is incurred by the client.

Q: Do Private Health Funds or Medicare provide any Aged Care services?

A:They do not provide Home Care specific services. It is important to note, however, that Home Care Package funds are not to be used for services that Medicare or Private Health Funds would usually cover.

Q: When I get assessed by My Aged Care, do I also get my assets and income assessed at the same time?

A: a. No, when you are assessed by My Aged Care, they only look at your health and wellbeing needs.

b. You will undertake an assets and income test only when you decide to proceed to receive the services you are approved and assigned for.

c. There is no income/asset tests that apply for CHSP services; you will only have such tests if you are approved for Home Care Packages and Residential care.

Q: I earn an income, but it is very little. Do I still need to charged an Income Tested Fee (ITF)?

A: There is a minimum threshold before you are charged an ITF. For example, if you are a single and earn less than $29,000 per year, you will not need to pay an ITF. Your package will be fully funded by the Government.